Armed Forces Day is Coming to Llandudno!

Armed Forces Day is Coming to Llandudno!

The 30th of June marks Armed Forces Day, and this year Llandudno will be filled to the brim with revellers celebrating the contribution that men and women in the Armed Forces have added to the country. At the St Tudno Hotel we’re gearing up for the last weekend of June, as like most hotels in Llandudno, we’re booked solid. We’ve provided a small guide to what Armed Forces Day 2018 will bring to the beautiful seaside town of Llandudno.

What Is Armed Forces Day?

Armed Forces Day is a celebration above all else. It is a day which is intended to honour the servicemen and women which work tirelessly to make the United Kingdom a safe place to live, and it is also intended to honour the families of these individuals who also sacrifice so much to keep our country safe. Armed Forces Day is a day of festivity which has fun at its heart, and there will be a number of events taking place throughout Llandudno in order to honour our heroes – from both civilian organisations such as the North Wales Police, RNLI, and charities as well as a number of social clubs. Veterans as well as active servicemen and women such as reservists and cadets will also participate in events.

Put simply, it’s all about fun! Whether you’re part of a school, a rugby club, another organisation, or even just a group of friends, you can host your own event and have a ball, all in the name of our forces.

Why is it taking place in Llandudno?

Armed Forces Day is something which happens in multiple towns and cities across the UK– but the main event travels around the country. This year, Llandudno was selected as the venue of the main celebration thanks to its long connection with the military.

For instance, in both the First and the Second World War, Llandudno provided troops for both the 38th and the 53rd Welsh Divisions on the Western Front in the Middle East. Llandudno itself was home to the 69th (Caernarfon and Denbigh Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery who fought with the British Expeditionary Force in 1940. Nowadays, Llandudno contributes to Welsh formations and units which have served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and Bosnia, and provide support to these countries even after these wars have ended.

The continued contribution of the Armed Forces

Armed Forces members, some from Llandudno and the surrounding area, also act in response to major events, such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks on a worldwide scale. A very recent example of the service Welsh servicemen have provided the world at large is the heinous mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 – Members of the Queen’s Dragoon Guards were in the area following training in the Nevada desert, and provided much-needed medical assistance to the wounded immediately after this terrible act. Their composure and bravery in the face of an attack on a crowd of 22,000 undoubtedly saved lives.

For many people, the Armed Forces are modern-day heroes. Armed Forces Day is something to celebrate them, and have a lot of fun as well. We very much hope to see you there!

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