Bring in the New Year with St Tudno Hotel’s Fantastic Steak Nights!

Bring in the New Year with St Tudno Hotel’s Fantastic Steak Nights!

2019 is finally here, and it’s already a cold one! With snow projected throughout January and possibly continuing on into February, there’s certainly a chill in the air. That’s why we’re bringing back our Llandudno-famous Steak Nights at our beautiful restaurant, guaranteeing you excellent quality food and excellent wine, at a rate that we’re sure you’ll agree is the best in Llandudno.

Served from 5pm – 9pm, the St Tudno Steak Night is the best way to experience locally sourced, fresh produce of excellent quality. It’s the start of a wonderful Friday night too- where two dine with a bottle of red or white wine included for only £29.95.

We’re all feeling the pinch in January, but at a rate like that, it makes it easier than ever to go out and enjoy a Friday night with someone special while not panicking about the finances.

£29.95, we’re sure you’ll agree, is an absolute bargain. You might think that for that price, something’s wrong. You couldn’t be further from the truth – we’re quite confident that even the fussiest of eaters would be well-served at our fantastic Steak Night. For your £29.95, you will have a large choice of steaks – you can choose from a 8oz Sirloin Steak, 8oz Rump Steak, 8oz Rib Eye Steak, a 8oz Gammon Steak, or a 8oz Pork Steak.

We pride ourselves on our choices for vegetarian diners as well. We offer an oven-baked field mushroom which is filled fill of Mediterranean vegetables and topped with melted goats cheese as a vegetarian option which is pretty darn tasty.

Alternatively, we offer a broccoli, courgette and red pepper pasta bake, which is topped with mature Welsh cheddar cheese. Something which we’re sure you’ll love is our celery and bean chilli, which is accompanied with saffron rice and served with toasted ciabatta bread.