Escape the Ghouls and Ghosts This Year By Eating Out

Escape the Ghouls and Ghosts This Year By Eating Out

It’s happened to everyone – you’ve sat down to a nice meal with your nearest and dearest, and found that the doorbell rings. Of all nights of the year, this sort of scenario is most profound on Halloween – it seems that the entire (adorable!) neighbourhood arrives at your door and it’s absolutely impossible to settle as a result of Trick or Treating.

Of course, you could settle, sort of, by electing to turn all of the lights off and hide in your own home. (And who wants to do that…?)

Instead of either pretending you aren’t in, or getting up throughout the evening and bestowing treats to all the roaming spirits, spooky ghouls, and legions of undead throughout the neighbourhood, why not take the night off and enjoy it while dining out? There’s nothing to stop you putting out a bowl of sweets for each and every spooky visitor to your home (You’ll likely find children are a lot more honest than what you give them credit for!) and taking the night off, while enjoying it at an excellent restaurant in Llandudno.

The St Tudno Hotel is the perfect place to enjoy the comforts of good food, excellent company, and an excellent seasonal menu. We have a series of winter warmers which take the very best of the harvest season from the local area for your enjoyment, as well as an excellent assortment of local and not-so-local wines. At our beautiful restaurant, you can enjoy the very best offerings from vineyards in North Wales (Really!) as well as classics from the old world, as well as rising stars from the new.

As for our menus, we very proudly supply local produce, and we’re sure that you’ll be able to enjoy locally sourced, expertly prepared and very reasonably priced faire, alongside excellent customer service.

We look forward to seeing you soon!