Legends of the Great Orme

Legends of the Great Orme

Llandudno is a unique place to stay in very many respects. Many people visit Llandudno because this little seaside town is one of the very best places of which to experience the bygone Victorian era – quite a few buildings, such as our beautiful hotel, are painstakingly maintained – originally built in this wonderfully romantic time. The upkeep of these buildings can very much be described as a labour of love, but the fact it’s so worth it shows in just how unique and how attractive the buildings are. Take our pretty hotel, for instance. As soon as you step through our gates, we hope that you’ll feel as we do- there’s nothing quite like it in all of the world!

The Great Orme is another attraction that brings visitors to the area in droves, and the Orme itself has a fascinating history.

The Great Orme and the Little Orme respectively were both named according to the Old Norse “Urm”, or “Serpent” in English. You might wonder just how two Welsh limestone formations happened to get such a name, and the reason is because when Viking invaders attacked England in 787 AD, they sniffed out North Wales as well. (North Wales – a desirable place to be since 787 AD!)

The Vikings, at the sight of the Great and the Little Orme (probably in the dead of night, and perhaps even on a foggy one!) mistook both of the landmasses for the head, and the tail of a gigantic sea serpent. Because of this, they immediately turned their longboats around and decided to settle to the east of Ireland instead.

Do you think that the Great Orme looks so much like what the Vikings saw?

You can see the truth of it from right outside our hotel. As you stand outside the St Tudno Hotel on Llandudno’s North Promenade, you can see both the Great Orme to your left and the Little Orme to your right.

Stare at the Great Orme a while and you might notice that it looks rather similar to the head of a gigantic crocodile. If you stare at the Little Orme, you can (supposedly) make out a tail… but in our eyes, perhaps it looked much more like a tail way back then.

Why not take a trip to Llandudno and decide for yourself? We’d love to see you, and we would be delighted to offer one of our high quality rooms to you for the night – or much longer should you take a shine to our lovely town!