Summer in Llandudno

Summer in Llandudno

The hot weather is well and truly here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier about it! Summer 2018 is said to be one of the hottest in the UK on record, and beautiful Llandudno is better than ever before – with revellers making the beach, as well as the town, buzz with activity.

Although both are fabulous things, the beach and the town does not make a full experience of Llandudno. We’ve prepared a small guide to help our guests get the very most of this beautiful seaside town.

The Great Orme

great orme llandudno




One of the most apparent features of Llandudno, this entirely natural feature cradles the town and also provides a fantastic day out. The Great Orme gets its name from the Old Norse “Urme” anglicised to “Urm” and later “Wyrm”, or in today’s English “Worm” or “Serpent”.

The Viking invaders of yesteryear, after months of travel by longboat and some very poor light conditions, mistook the Great Orme for a gigantic (and very angry!) sea serpent. The sight of the Great Orme was enough to convince the invaders to land somewhere else, and to this day most locals of Llandudno are aware of the old legends that the town is protected by a serpent of the sea.

There are many ways to get to the top – there are a series of original (but quite safe!) brightly coloured cable cars which can be used to get a birds eye view as you ascend the Orme, a railway system which uses the original Victorian pulley method of movement where as one car goes down, it pulls the other up – and of course, there’s your feet which we’re sure are just as wonderful.

Whatever way you decide upon, (and all are very good!) when you get to the top, you’ll be treated to some of the finest views around. On a clear day, you can make our Liverpool, the isle of Anglesey, and on a really good day, a spot in the distance could even be Ireland!

Top Tip from the St Tudno Hotel: Do keep an eye open for the herd of Kashmeri goats – well and truly wild (and adorable!) nowadays, their ancestors were a gift from Queen Victoria herself. Another local legend is that running into at least one of the white goats is a sign of luck to come.



Llandudno Promenade





One of the very best attractions of Llandudno, the promenade is clean, flat, and extremely wide. It’s a good thing, too – the promenade receives a lot of use all year around from those enjoying a casual stroll, revellers, those who have come to take in the views of the pier.

The Great and the Little Orme are wonderful visual points and there are plenty of seats for those that enjoy taking things at a slower pace – the promenade is practically lined with seating so it should never be a squeeze to put your feet up and take in the sea breeze.

Llandudno breaks a lot of moulds in very many ways, and Llandudno’s promenade is unconventional via the fact that it isn’t lined with arcades and amusements, and instead benefits from a number of features, such as flower beds, statues (look out for the carved Alice in Wonderland ones! The Mad Hatter and quite a few of his friends are dotted about Llandudno at points of interest!) and the odd ice cream truck make Llandudno’s fabulous promenade a wonderful stroll, whatever the weather.

Top Tip from the St Tudno Hotel: Codman’s Punch and Judy is at the pier side of the Promenade, and this show has been going for well over 150 years. The Codmans are still very much running the show, with Jacqueline Millband Codman and her son Jason continuing on this fine tradition of entertainment.




The Great Orme Copper Mines

llandudno copper mines




Llandudno never ceases to amaze, and one of the most interesting things of the town is well over 3500 years old and was only discovered in the 1980s. The Great Orme Copper Mines is probably one of the first copper mines in the world, and bring us back to a pre-historic age where the original inhabitants excavated the copper (some of which can still be seen!) using animal bones and hard rocks.

These prehistoric miners would pile up their hauls, and then smelt them into tin in order to create bronze – which was then shaped into weapons, household goods, jewellery and sold. Such an insight into the way Llandudno was is often limited to the Victorian age and the Victorian age alone – so the Great Orme Copper Mines stands out among Llandudno’s infatuation with the Victorian period. Even better, the Great Orme Copper Mines has a fully-stocked gift shop where you can buy fossils, geodes, and items relating to the mines for your loved ones back at home.

The mines are not open in the winter season due to the fact that they are being used by a series of archaeologists, still uncovering the secrets behind the prehistoric settlement around the mines.

Top Tip from the St Tudno Hotel: In the summer, the Llandudno Copper Mines are open to the public. The mines themselves have been fully excavated and brightened up with a series of multicoloured lights. The tours are self-guided, allowing you to really get a feel of these fascinating mines at your own pace. For those that may feel a little worried: rest assured, hard hats are provided, and there is CCTV throughout the mines as well as four access points where you can get help from the mines staff should you need it.


Whatever you decide to do in beautiful Llandudno, our pretty hotel is here to provide excellent accommodation as well as high quality dining in order to give you the perfect experience during your holidays. With a wealth of attractions, excellent weather, as well as our beautiful hotel, summer 2018 looks to be a year full of very merry memories on your holidays.