Valentines’ Day at St Tudno Hotel

Valentines’ Day at St Tudno Hotel


Valentines Day is well and truly on the way, and many of us are looking around for what exactly can make the day as special to a loved one as it should be. We’ve all heard of those mail-order flower companies, as well as eat-in-special-meal-deals, but they’re quite frankly a little bit… well, worn. You might have spent years and years doing getting the odd meal deal every other Friday night to share with your significant other, and enough repetition with anything can make anything seem a little stale and decidedly not special at all.

Why not push the boat out this year by taking your loved one for a meal in one of Llandudno’s top restaurants?

Our pretty Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno offers the Treat For Lovers menu which guarantees absolutely everything you need in order to have a night to be remembered this Valentines’ Day. At a mere £24.95, you’ll likely pay just as much to go out and be pampered as you would to stay in. (Only we can promise top service, absolutely no kitchen mishaps and absolutely no washing up!)

At the Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno, you’ll be delighted to see the choice of food, (which just so happens to be the very best of the best local produce) with offerings for very many varied diets throughout the menu. Variety is the spice of life. We don’t like seeing menus with a single, solitary (and very boring!)  vegetarian option while we’re out- and our Valentines’ Treat For Lovers menu at the St Tudno Hotel in Llandudno is four courses of so much choice, through and through.

You might feel that going out on a Wednesday night for Valentines’ Day might feel a little bit too much.

Midweek is the very best for staying in, and when it comes to getting ready and summoning the energy to go out can often be a pretty arduous affair. For that reason (because really, who wants to go out on a Wednesday night?) we’re putting on our Treat for Lovers menu across the entirety of Valentines’ Week.

That’s not all – we also have some availability left for some of our pretty hotel rooms, and we’re sure that the perfect feast is best accompanied by superior accommodation in one of the best situated hotels in Llandudno.

The St Tudno Hotel has it all – from far-reaching, panoramic views across the pretty Llandudno Bay to top quality rooms and wonderful staff, we’re certain that our gorgeous little hotel in Llandudno is the place to be this Valentines’ Day.  

Valentines Day at St Tudno Hotel
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Valentines Day at St Tudno Hotel
We've got a week-long feast at St Tudno Hotel this Valentines' Day, promising excellent food and service, and absolutely no washing up for only £24.95.
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